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The Married Women's Property Act

C.C.S.M. c. M70

The Married Women's Property Act

1 Definition of "property"
2 Rights and obligations of a married woman
3(1) Rights of married woman in property after coming into force of Act
(2) Exception
(3) Abolition of restraint upon anticipation
(4) When restraint deemed to have been imposed
4(1) Restrictions of husband's liability
(2) Application of Highway Traffic Act
5 Saving provision
6(1) Remedies of married woman for protection of property
(2) Actions in tort between spouses
(3) Remedies of married man for protection of property
7(1) Summary disposal of questions
(2) Hearing
(3) Corporation's costs
(4) Appeal
8 Homesteads Act and Family Property Act
9 Uniform construction