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The Legislative Assembly Management Commission Act

C.C.S.M. c. L114

The Legislative Assembly Management Commission Act

1 Definitions
2 Continuation of commission
3(1) Composition of commission
(2) Commissioners ceasing to be member
4(1) Speaker presiding officer
(2) Other presiding commissioner
(3) Clerk as secretary
(4) Calling meetings of the commission
5(1) Quorum
(2) Allowances for commissioners
5.1(1) Minutes of meeting
(2) Minutes to be distributed and made public
(3) Protection of confidential information
(4) Protection of privacy
6 Duties and responsibility of commission
6.1(1) Criteria or guidelines
(2) Definition: "public funds"
(3) Parties without a commissioner to have a member invited
(4) Interim criteria or guidelines
(5) Distribution and effective date
6.2(1) Annual financial report of caucuses and members
(2) Requirements
(3) Speaker to ensure that reports are available
6.3(1) Mailing expense budget
(2) Minimum mailing expense budget: 2009-11 fiscal years
(3) Franking expenses excluded
(4) Exceeding budget requires approval
7 Reports of commission
8(1) Staff of Assembly offices
(2) Salary and wages of staff
(3) Seconded staff
(4) Staff under Civil Service Superannuation Act
(5) Conflict with other Acts
9(1) Estimates of expenditure
(2) Consideration of estimates in committee
(3) Audit
10(1) Members services, etc.
(2) Speaker's authority to purchase, etc.
(3) Position of Commission in using government services
11(1) Delegation by commission
(2) Delegation by Speaker
12(1) Inquiry by Speaker on complaint
(2) Speaker may suspend in certain cases
(3) Restrictions on suspensions, etc.
13 Rules and regulations
14(1) Rules, etc. of Board of Internal Economy
(2) Agreements, orders, etc.