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The Manitoba Hazardous Waste Management Corporation Act

C.C.S.M. c. H15

The Manitoba Hazardous Waste Management Corporation Act

1 Definitions
2(1) Corporation established
(2) Corporation an agent of government
3 Objects of corporation
4 Powers of corporation
5 Priority to Manitoba
6 Capacity of a natural person
7 Part XVI of Corporations Act not to apply
8(1) Board of directors
(2) Term of office
(3) Term of office of first board members
(4) Ex officio members of the board
(5) Term of ex officio member
(6) Meetings and quorum
9(1) Chairperson and vice-chairperson
(2) Acting for chairperson
(3) Filling of vacancy
(4) Powers of board
10 Remuneration
11 M.L.A. may be member of board
12 Head office
13 Duties of secretary-treasurer fixed by by-law
14(1) Appointment of Chief Executive Officer
(2) Powers of the Chief Executive Officer
15 Financial arrangements
16 Fees for service
17(1) Surplus funds
(2) Moneys deposited
18(1) Audit
(2) Additional audit or investigation
19(1) Report and tabling thereof
(2) Additional reports
20 Grants
21 Fund
22(1) Authority for temporary borrowings
(2) Guarantee of temporary borrowings
(3) Approval of Minister of Finance
23 Loans by government
24(1) Corporation capital funding
(2) Share capital
(3) Purchase of shares by government
(4) Issue of shares to Minister of Finance
(5) No other shares to be issued
25 Corporation profits and losses
26 Exemption from liability
27 Reference in Continuing Consolidation
28 Commencement of Act