C.C.S.M. c. C180

The Constitutional Questions Act

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1 Reference to court authorized
2 Court to certify opinion
3 Notice to Attorney General of Canada
4(1) Notice to interested persons
(2) Crown in right of other provinces
(3) Appearance of counsel
5 Appointment of counsel to argue case
6 Appeal
7(1) Definitions
(2) Notice to Attorneys General required
(3) Notice re regulation
(4) Form of notice
(5) Fourteen days' notice necessary
(6) Status of Attorney-General of Manitoba
(7) Status of Attorney General of Canada
(8) Service on the Attorney-General
8(1) Declaration as to validity of provincial statute
(2) Parties
(3) Appeal
9 Reference in Continuing Consolidation
10(1) Repeal of C.C.S.M. chapter C180
(2) Repeal of sections of Q.B. Act
11 Commencement of Act