C.C.S.M. c. C173


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1 Definitions
2(1) Conservation agreement
(2) Conservation interest
(3) Term of conservation agreement
3(1) Optional terms of conservation agreement
(2) Conservation interest runs with the land
4 Multiple conservation agreements
5 Eligible conservation agencies
6(1) Land description in conservation agreement
(2) Land description for caveat
7(1) Registration of notice of agreement
(2) Agreement shall be filed with caveat
(3) Notice of intent to be served
(4) Application to board re objection to caveat
(5) Application to court re objection to caveat
(6) Caveat shall not be filed after service of notice
(7) Application to court after caveat filed
(8) Court order
8(1) Definition
(2) Conservation Agreements Board
(3) Chairperson
(4) Functions of board
(5) Report of the board may be considered
(6) Report may be filed in a proceeding
9(1) Termination of conservation agreement
(2) Landowner may apply to terminate
(3) Application to terminate due to hardship
(4) Application to board before court
(5) Termination order
10 Regulations
11 Crown bound
12 C.C.S.M. reference
13 Coming into force