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S.M. 2022, c. 34

Bill 227, 4th Session, 42nd Legislature

The Turban Day Act

Explanatory Note

This note was written as a reader's aid to the Bill and is not part of the law.

This Bill proclaims April 13 in each year as Turban Day, a day to recognize and promote the significance of the turban to Sikh Canadians.

(Assented to June 1, 2022)

WHEREAS physical symbols can be integral to religious identity for people of faith;

AND WHEREAS the turban is an important symbol for many Sikh Canadians, signifying individual sovereignty, self-respect, courage and human equality;

AND WHEREAS the practice of wearing the turban was formalized on April 13, 1699, when Guru Gobind Singh Ji formed the Khalsa Panth and pronounced the turban a pillar of the Sikh faith;

AND WHEREAS Sikhs have faced violence and persecution throughout the world because of their religious identity;

AND WHEREAS in 2019 the Legislative Assembly enacted The Sikh Heritage Month Act to celebrate the contributions of Sikh Canadians to Manitoba and the unique aspects of Sikh heritage;

AND WHEREAS recognition of April 13 will provide a way for Manitoba to promote understanding of the significance of the turban and combat racism against Sikh Canadians;

THEREFORE HER MAJESTY, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, enacts as follows:

Turban Day


In each year, April 13 is to be known throughout Manitoba as Turban Day.

C.C.S.M. reference


This Act may be referred to as chapter T170 of the Continuing Consolidation of the Statutes of Manitoba.

Coming into force


This Act comes into force on the day it receives royal assent.