S.M. 1999, c. 44


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Table of Contents

1 Definitions
2 Crown bound
3(1) Prohibition
(2) When resolution effective
4 Initiation of plebiscite
5(1) Sufficiency of petition
(2) Wording of petition
(3) Information about each petitioner
(4) Witness to signature
(5) Number of petitioners required
(6) Counting petitioners
(7) Time for filing of petition
6(1) Notice of petition
(2) Objection to petition
(3) Content of notice of objection
(4) Referral to commission
(5) Commission to determine sufficiency of petition
(6) Determination is final
7 Notice of plebiscite
8(1) Plebiscite to be held on polling day
(2) Wording of plebiscite question
9 Application of Local Authorities Election Act
10 Notification of plebiscite results
11 Termination of video lottery gaming and siteholder agreements
12 Cancellation of registration
13 No action re termination of agreement or removal of VLT
14 Application to existing agreements
15 Regulations
16(1) Existing agreements terminated re Winkler
(2) Resolution in effect re Winkler
17 CCSM reference
18 Coming into force