S.M. 1996, c. 23


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Table of Contents

1 Definitions
2 Application
3 Crown bound
4 Act prevails
5 Essential services declared
6 Other essential services declared by regulation
7(1) Employer to advise union of employees required
(2) Employer to advise employees
(3) Employer may serve further notice
(4) Employer to advise employees
(5) Employees deemed to be essential services employees
8(1) Union may apply to Labour Board for variation of numbers of employees
(2) Board hearing, investigation
(3) Board order
(4) Board may vary order
(5) Hearing or investigation re variation application
(6) Board order to be served on union and employer
(7) Employer to notify employees
(8) Board order binding on employer, union and employees
9 Pay and benefits
10 Employees required to resume or continue assigned duties
11 Essential services deemed not to facilitate business of employer
12 Obligation of employees
13 Obligation of employer
14 Obligation of union
15 No person to prevent compliance
16 No person to aid, abet or counsel non-compliance
17 Rules of Labour Board
18 Regulations
19(1) Offences and penalties
(2) Default
(3) Filing of certificate
20 C.C.S.M. reference
21 Coming into force