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S.M. 1995, c. 32

The Proceedings Against the Crown Amendment Act

(Assented to November 3, 1995)

HER MAJESTY, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, enacts as follows:

C.C.S.M. c. P140 amended


The Proceedings Against the Crown Act is amended by this Act.


The following is added after section 16:


Agreement on Internal Trade


For the purpose of subsection (2), "Agreement on Internal Trade" means the Agreement on Internal Trade entered into by the governments of Canada, the provinces and the territories in 1994.

Award of costs


Where a panel makes an award of costs under Article 1718(3) of the Agreement on Internal Trade, a certified copy of the award may be filed with the Court of Queen's Bench and, on being filed, that award has the same force and effect as an order for costs made by the Court against the Crown.

Coming into force


This Act comes into force on July 1, 1995 and in the event that this Act receives royal assent after that date, this Act is retroactive and deemed to have come into force on July 1, 1995.