S.M. 1986-87, c. 3

The Interim Appropriation Act, 1986

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Table of Contents

1 Short title.
2 Definition of "Main Estimates".
3 Money Granted for the fiscal year ending March 31, 1987.
4 Authority for commitments for future years.
(2) Voting of funds in subsequent years.
5 Limitation on expenditure for items.
6 Effect of passing of main appropriations.
7 Transfer of certain funds to several departments.
(2) Adjustments in Main Estimates.
8 Authority for expenditure in anticipation of recoveries.
9 Emergency Interest Rate Relief Program.
10 Manitoba Jobs Fund.
11 Money authorized for agreements with Canada.
(2) Money expended in anticipation of agreements.
12 Abatement of Authority.
13 Application of money.
14 Power to borrow.
15 Commencement of Act.