Consolidated Regulations of Manitoba

This table lists the regulations under The Health Services Insurance Act in force on September 16, 2022 (unless otherwise noted).
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General information about consolidated regulations

Consolidation status: Amendments to regulations are consolidated as time and resources permit. They are usually current to within 90 days or less. A note on the first page of the consolidated regulation indicates any amendments that are not yet included, either because they are not yet in force or because the consolidation is still in progress. A retroactive amendment is consolidated as of the day it is registered, not as of the day it is deemed to have come into force.

Previous versions: If a regulation is consolidated on or after May 1, 2014, the previous version will continue to be available online. To access a previous version, click the A (archive) link beside the number of the regulation.

Official status: A consolidated regulation published in the PDF format on this website is an official copy unless otherwise indicated. It is presumed to be an accurate statement of the regulation for the period shown in the footer. For more information about official copies of Acts and regulations, see Part 5 (Proof of Legislation) of The Statutes and Regulations Act.

Publication date: The publication date shown for a regulation published before May 1, 2014 is the date of publication in the Manitoba Gazette. For a regulation published after that day, it is the date the regulation was first published on the Manitoba Laws website.

Legislative history: You can view the legislative history of regulations by showing amending regulations. You can also check the table of corrections and minor amendments for notice of changes made to a regulation pursuant to The Statutes and Regulations Act.

Missing forms, maps, diagrams: Not all the forms, maps, tables and diagrams in the current regulations are available online. In their place, you will find a note indicating where the missing form or other information may be found.

Repealed regulations: Regulations repealed after 2003 are listed when you show repealed regulations. Regulations repealed earlier are not available online.

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Regulations under C.C.S.M. Acts

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C.C.S.M. Title of Act
     Title of Regulation
Registration date Publication date
H35 The Health Services Insurance Act, RSM 1987, c. H35
Chiropractic Services Insurance Regulation 45/93 A 19 Mar. 1993 3 Apr. 1993
Claims' Information Regulation 87/94 2 May 1994 14 May 1994
Diagnostic Laboratories Regulation 16/95 9 Feb. 1995 25 Feb. 1995
Excluded Services Regulation 46/93 19 Mar. 1993 3 Apr. 1993
Health Care Facilities Designation Regulation 61/93 19 Mar. 1993 3 Apr. 1993
Hospital Services Insurance and Administration Regulation 48/93 A 19 Mar. 1993 3 Apr. 1993
Hospitals Designation Regulation 47/93 A 19 Mar. 1993 3 Apr. 1993
Laboratory Requisition Forms Regulation 40/95 13 Mar. 1995 25 Mar. 1995
Manitoba Health Appeal Board Regulation 175/2008 A 17 Nov. 2008 29 Nov. 2008
Medical Services Insurance Regulation 49/93 19 Mar. 1993 3 Apr. 1993
Optometric Services Insurance Regulation 50/93 A 19 Mar. 1993 3 Apr. 1993
Out of Province Transportation Subsidies Regulation 51/93 19 Mar. 1993 3 Apr. 1993
Payments for Insured Medical Services Regulation 73/2003 14 Apr. 2003 26 Apr. 2003
Personal Care Home Licensing Regulation 29/2005 28 Feb. 2005 12 Mar. 2005
Personal Care Homes Designation Regulation 108/2000 A 11 Aug. 2000 26 Aug. 2000
Personal Care Homes Standards Regulation 30/2005 A 28 Feb. 2005 12 Mar. 2005
Personal Care Services Insurance and Administration Regulation 52/93 A 19 Mar. 1993 3 Apr. 1993
Prosthetic, Orthotic and other Medical Devices Insurance Regulation 53/93 A 19 Mar. 1993 3 Apr. 1993
Residency and Registration Regulation 54/93 A 19 Mar. 1993 3 Apr. 1993
Standard Beds in Hospitals and Personal Care Homes Regulation 60/93 19 Mar. 1993 3 Apr. 1993
Surgical Facilities Regulation 222/98 22 Dec. 1998 2 Jan. 1999
Third Party Liability Regulation 65/2007 28 Mar. 2007 7 Apr. 2007