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C.C.S.M. c. W30: Table of Contents

C.C.S.M. c. W30


1 Definitions
2(1) Form of receipts
(2) Liability of warehouseman for omissions
(3) Omissions not to affect validity of receipt
(4) Insertion of other conditions in receipt
3(1) Warehouse receipt to constitute contract
(2) Notice of rejection of contract
4 Negotiable and non-negotiable receipts
5(1) Marking of duplicate receipts
(2) Liability when not so marked
(3) Effect of duplicate receipts
6(1) Marking of non-negotiable receipts
(2) Failure to mark
7(1) Duty to deliver
(2) Failure to deliver
8 Delivery on presentation of negotiable receipt
9(1) Negotiable receipts must be cancelled on delivery of goods
(2) Negotiable receipts to be marked on delivery of part of goods
10 Lost or destroyed receipts
11 Warehouseman has reasonable time to determine validity of claims
12 Conclusiveness of negotiable receipt
13 Description of goods in receipt
14 Liability for care of goods
15 Co-mingled goods and warehouseman's liability therefor
16 Attachment or levy upon goods for which a negotiable receipt has been issued
17 Negotiable receipt must state charges for which lien is claimed
18(1) Perishable and hazardous goods
(2) Method of giving notice
(3) Disposal of goods
(4) Proceeds of sale
19 Effect of sale
20(1) Negotiation of negotiable receipts by delivery and by endorsement
(2) Endorsement to named person
(3) Endorsement by named person
(4) Form of endorsement
21 Transfer receipts
22(1) Rights of person to whom a receipt has been transferred
(2) Acquiring benefit of obligation
23 Rights of a person to whom a receipt has been negotiated
24 Transfer of negotiable receipt without endorsement
25 Warranties on sale of receipt
26 Endorser not a guarantor
27 When negotiation not impaired by fraud, mistake, or duress
28 Subsequent negotiation
29 Negotiation defeats vendor's lien
30 Construction