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The Naturopathic Act

C.C.S.M. c. N80

The Naturopathic Act

1 Definitions
2 Continuation of association
3 Membership in association
4(1) Head office
(2) Powers respecting property
5(1) Appointment of board
(2) Term of office
(3) Quorum
6(1) Board's powers to make regulations
(2) Regulations to be published in Gazette
(3) Amendments and revocations
7 Act may be pleaded in bar
8(1) Right of appeal
(2) Proceedings on appeal
(3) Disposal of appeal
9(1) Conduct of examinations
(2) Examining committee
(3) Members of examining committee
(4) Filling of vacancies
10 Qualifications of applicant
11(1) Examining committee to report
(2) Board to issue licences
11.1(1) Registration if emergency
(2) Emergency need not be declared
(3) Certificate of registration
12(1) Prohibition of unregistered persons using title of naturopath and practising naturopathy
(2) Practice by unregistered person an offence
(3) Falsely pretending to be naturopath
(4) Limitation of use of title "Doctor"
13 Offence for fraudulent registry
14 One act constitutes offence
15 Limitation of time for prosecutions
16 Penalties
17 Penalties to be paid to association
18 Power to collect fees for services
19 Exemption from jury service
20 Limitation of actions for malpractice
21 Persons exempted from application of Act
22 Notice of contagious disease
23 Medical Act not to apply
24 Certain practices prohibited
25(1) Confidentiality of information
(2) Offence
26(1) Board to collect information
(2) Member to provide information
(3) Minister may require information
(4) Board to provide information to minister
(5) Minister may disclose information
(6) Authorized entities