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C.C.S.M. c. L170: Table of Contents

C.C.S.M. c. L170


1 Definitions
2 Cancellation or suspension of licence
3(1) Appeal
(2) Appeal board
(3) Chairperson
(4) Fees and expenses
(5) Decision of appeal board
(6) Notice
4(1) Appointment of inspectors, auditors and analysts
(2) Designation
(3) Certificate to be produced
(4) RCMP as inspectors
5(1) Entry and inspection
(2) Records
6(1) Seizure in execution of duties
(2) Warrant to enter and seize
(3) Use of force
(4) Search and seizure powers
(5) Where warrant not necessary
7(1) Storage of seized livestock or things
(2) Livestock not to be moved
8(1) Disposal of seized livestock or perishable things
(2) Disposal of things after proceedings
(3) Disposal of forfeited things
9 Additional duties for inspectors and others
10 Operation of data processing system and copying equipment
11 Refusal to admit
12 Livestock products on premises
13(1) Register of animal identification
(2) Designation of registrar
(3) Agreement regarding register
14 Application for registration of animal identification
15(1) Registration
(2) Ownership of animal identification
(3) Registrar may impose conditions
(4) Registrar may cancel registration
(5) Changes in registered animal identification
16 Selection of an animal identification
17 Evidence of ownership of animal identification
18 Evidence of ownership of an animal
19(1) Assignment of animal identification
(2) Assignment must be filed by assignee
(3) Registrar to issue new certificate to assignee
(4) No assignment except in accordance with Act
(5) Evidence of assignment of animal identification
20 Offences
21(1) Livestock transportation requirements
(2) Identification document
22 Penalty for breach of Act or regulations
23 Protection from liability
24(1) Agreements
(2) Terms
25(1) Recovery of fees, charges or costs
(2) Persons liable
(3) Unpaid fees, charges or costs
26(1) Regulations
(2) Partial application of regulations
28 Repeal
29 C.C.S.M. reference
30 Coming into force