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The Community Renewal Act
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This version is current as of February 14, 2020.
It has been in effect since June 14, 2012, when this Act came into force.

C.C.S.M. c. C163 The Community Renewal Act
Enacted by Proclamation status (for any provisions coming into force by proclamation)

SM 2012, c. 9
Amended by
not amended

C.C.S.M. c. C163

The Community Renewal Act

(Assented to June 14, 2012)

HER MAJESTY, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, enacts as follows:



1(1)        The following definitions apply in this Act.

"advisory committee" means the community renewal advisory committee established under section 18. (« Comité consultatif »)

"committee" means the deputy ministers' committee on community renewal established under section 16. (« Comité »)

"community renewal organization" means an organization designated by the minister under section 4. (« organisme de revalorisation de la collectivité »)

"community renewal plan" means a renewal plan for a designated community prepared under section 6. (« plan de revalorisation de la collectivité »)

"department" means the department of government over which the minister presides. (« ministère »)

"designated community" means a community designated by the minister under section 3. (« collectivité désignée »)

"director" means the person appointed as director of the office. (« directeur »)

"minister" means the minister appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council to administer this Act. (« ministre »)

"office" means the Community Renewal Office established under subsection 11(1). (« Bureau »)

Community renewal

1(2)        For the purpose of this Act, the meaning of "community renewal" will depend on the identified renewal goals of a designated community but it may include one or more of the following:

(a) increased participation of residents in community activities and a greater sense of community involvement and belonging;

(b) increased economic development and enhanced employment opportunities;

(c) reduced crime and increased public security;

(d) an improvement in the quality and diversity of housing;

(e) improvements to community infrastructure, such as parks, green spaces and recreational facilities;

(f) increased access to recreational and wellness opportunities for residents.


2           The purpose of this Act is to support community-based planning and renewal initiatives in designated communities.


Designated communities

3(1)        On the recommendation of the director, the minister may designate a community to participate in community renewal initiatives under this Act.


3(2)        A designation may be made if a community faces one or more of the following challenges:

(a) a lack of economic development;

(b) crime and public safety concerns;

(c) a need for quality, affordable housing;

(d) community infrastructure that does not meet the community's needs;

(e) a shortage of recreational and wellness opportunities for residents.

Designation options

3(3)        The minister may designate

(a) a specific neighbourhood or area in an urban centre; or

(b) an entire city or town, if the minister determines that this is the most effective way to achieve community renewal in the area in question.

Community renewal organizations

4(1)        A designation may be made under section 3 only if the minister is satisfied that there is an organization, or that an organization can be established, that

(a) is based in the community;

(b) includes community residents and reflects the diversity of the community;

(c) will work with residents to identify the community's renewal goals and priorities and create community-led solutions to achieve those goals; and

(d) will involve residents in all aspects of community renewal.

Designating community renewal organizations

4(2)        The minister must designate a community renewal organization for a designated community at the time the community is designated under section 3, or as soon as practicable after that time.


5(1)        The minister may provide funding, out of money appropriated by or under an Act of the Legislature for that purpose, to enable a community renewal organization to carry out its responsibilities under this Act.


5(2)        Funding may be provided for the following:

(a) staff;

(b) office space and equipment;

(c) administration and accounting expenses;

(d) training for staff, volunteers and community residents;

(e) the coordination and support of activities designed to directly involve residents in community renewal;

(f) other programs, initiatives and activities that the minister considers appropriate.

Terms and conditions

5(3)        The minister may impose any terms or conditions on any funding provided to a community renewal organization, and the organization must comply with those terms and conditions.

Community renewal plan

6(1)        A community renewal organization must prepare a community renewal plan that identifies the community's renewal goals and priorities.


6(2)        The organization must conduct a community-wide consultation with residents to determine the renewal goals and priorities of the community.

Plan to director

6(3)         The organization must provide the community renewal plan to the director once it has been completed.

Request for new plan

7(1)        The director may request a community renewal organization to prepare a new community renewal plan if circumstances warrant.

Preparing new plan

7(2)        The organization must prepare a new community renewal plan if the director has requested one.

Review of funding requests

8(1)        A community renewal organization must review requests for government funding for community renewal projects and initiatives provided to the organization by the director.

Input to director

8(2)        The organization must provide its views to the director on which projects and initiatives it believes will best achieve the goals and priorities set out in the community renewal plan.


8(3)        The minister must take into account the input received from the community renewal organization when determining which proposed community renewal programs and initiatives will receive government funding.

Reports to director

9           A community renewal organization must provide the director with an annual report that

(a) provides information on its activities in the year; and

(b) assesses the ongoing impact of community renewal programs and initiatives, including whether the programs and initiatives are meeting the goals set out in the community renewal plan.

Additional renewal activities

10          A community renewal organization may engage in other activities intended to assist in the renewal of the community and involve residents in renewal programs and initiatives.


Community renewal office

11(1)       The Community Renewal Office is hereby established to continue the operation of the "Neighbourhoods Alive! Program" and carry out initiatives under this Act.


11(2)       The office is part of the department and operates under the direction of the minister.


12(1)       A director of the office is to be appointed in accordance with The Civil Service Act.


12(2)       Such employees as may be required to carry out the responsibilities of the office may be appointed in accordance with The Civil Service Act.


13          The office has the following responsibilities:

(a) providing support and assistance to community renewal organizations;

(b) receiving requests for government funding for community renewal programs and initiatives in designated communities;

(c) working with other levels of government, residents and community stakeholders on matters related to community renewal;

(d) providing advice to government departments on community renewal issues;

(e) conducting research on issues related to community renewal;

(f) performing any functions requested by the minister.

Direct renewal activities

14          The office may work with residents or other community stakeholders in a community that has not been designated under section 3 to develop programs or initiatives to renew that community.

Annual report

15          The director must give the minister an annual report on the office's activities, which must be included in the department's annual report.


Committee established

16(1)       The deputy ministers' committee on community renewal is hereby established.


16(2)       The committee is responsible for

(a) ensuring that government departments work collaboratively using a cross-departmental approach to address community renewal issues;

(b) making recommendations to the government about financial priorities and resource allocations in relation to community renewal; and

(c) overseeing the implementation of initiatives under this Act.


17(1)       The committee consists of deputy ministers for departments that are responsible for policies, programs or services that affect community renewal, as determined by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.


17(2)       The chair is the deputy minister of the department.


17(3)       The committee is to meet at least five times each year, at the call of the chair.

Meeting with advisory committee

17(4)       The chair of the committee is to meet at least once each year with the chair of the advisory committee.


Advisory committee established

18(1)       The community renewal advisory committee is hereby established.

Role of advisory committee

18(2)       The role of the advisory committee is to

(a) provide advice to the minister and the committee on community renewal issues; and

(b) provide advice to the director on community renewal initiatives under this Act.


18(3)       The advisory committee consists of at least five and no more than nine persons appointed by the minister.

Appointment criteria

18(4)       When appointing persons to the advisory committee, the minister must ensure that the advisory committee

(a) has members who reside in designated communities;

(b) has at least two persons who are members of a community renewal organization; and

(c) includes persons with recognized expertise in community renewal issues.


18(5)       A member is to be appointed for a term not exceeding three years.

Appointment continues

18(6)       After a member's term expires, the member continues to hold office until he or she is re-appointed, the appointment is revoked or a successor is appointed.

Chair and vice-chair

18(7)       The minister must designate one member of the advisory committee as chair and another as vice-chair, to act if the chair is absent or unable to act.



19          The minister may enter into an agreement with any person, government or entity on any matter related to community renewal.


20          A community that was designated under the "Neighbourhoods Alive! Program" before the coming into force of this Act is deemed to be a designated community and this Act applies to that community.

C.C.S.M. reference

21          This Act may be referred to as chapter C163 of the Continuing Consolidation of the Statutes of Manitoba.

Coming into force

22          This Act comes into force on royal assent.