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C.C.S.M. c. A130: Table of Contents

C.C.S.M. c. A130

The Architects Act

1(1) Definitions
(2) Actions by draughtsmen, students, superintendents, etc.
2(1) Continuation
(2) Powers
(3) Limitations
(4) What real estate may be acquired and held
(5) Investments of funds
3(1) Objects and powers
(2) Power to make by-laws
4 Head office
5 Classes of membership and qualifications
6(1) Council
(2) Member councillors
7(1) Annual meeting for election of council
(2) Default in election
(3) By-laws respecting membership of council, etc.
(4) Vacancies provided for
8(1) President and vice-presidents
(2) Term of office
(3) Secretary and treasurer
(4) Other officers
(5) Committees
9(1) By-laws for government of the association and members
(2) General meeting may amend
(3) By-laws mailed to members
10(1) Professional liability claims fund
(2) "Professional liability claim" defined
(3) Claims fund a separate fund
(4) Investment and administration
(5) Levy for claims fund
(6) Professional liability insurance
(7) Use of moneys in claims fund
(8) Rules
11(1) Power to make arrangements with university
(2) Use of libraries, etc.
(3) Affiliation
12(1) Examinations
(2) Qualification for membership
(3) Conditions of admission, and appeal
(4) Candidate for admission
(5) Completion of R.A.I.C. syllabus
(6) Special examinations
(7) Fees
13(1) Limitation of personal liability
(2) Effect of death of member or cessation of membership
14 Suspension or expulsion
15(1) Who may use the designation "architect" or "architects"
(1.1) Work by a professional engineer
(1.2) Work by a holder of a recognition certificate
(2) Use of "architects" by firms
(3) Waiving requirements for office, etc.
(4) Death of a member
(5) Declaration by sole proprietor
(6) Declaration by firm
(7) Notice of changes
16(1) Practice under certificate of approval
(2) Group practice
(3) Standards of professional conduct
(4) Responsibility for practice and compliance
16.1(1) Temporary licence
(2) Terms
17 Plans, etc. to bear architects seal
18(1) Issuance of certificate of approval
(2) Duration of certificate
19 Holder of certificate of approval to file information
20 Joint and several liability of responsible architect
21 Issuance of stamp
22 Renewal or revocation of certificate of approval
23 Application of provisions to revocation of certificate of approval
24 Practise by non-resident corporation or firm
25(1) Work that may be done by non-members
(2) Limitation
(3) Name and address of person preparing plans to be given
26(1) Penalties
(2) Burden of proof
(3) Disposition of penalty
(4) Enforcement of payment
(5) Proof of offence
(6) Limitation on prosecutions
(7) Certificate of secretary
(8) Information
26.1 Injunction
27 Architectural work on own property
28(1) Seal
(2) Application of seal
29(1) Record of names in book or register
(2) Membership
(3) Book or register to be prima facie evidence
30 Disposition of registration fees
31(1) Appeal to Court of Queen's Bench — registration decisions
(2) Appeal on record
(3) Powers of Court on appeal
31.1(1) Appeal to Court of Appeal — discipline decisions
(2) Commencement of appeal
(3) Appeal on record
(4) Powers of Court on appeal
(5) Stay pending appeal
32 Returns to L.G. in C. provided for
32.1 Prime consultant
33(1) Joint board with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of the Province of Manitoba
(2) Composition of board
(3) Rules of procedure
(4) Disputes
(5) Determination to be implemented
34(1) Grandfathering: professional engineers
(2) Joint board to establish criteria
(3) Conditions
(4) Chair to establish criteria if joint board does not
(5) Application to joint board
(6) Joint board to make determination and issue recognition certificate
(7) Chair to make determination if joint board does not
(8) Additional conditions
(9) Validity
(10) Revocation
(11) No fee
(12) Not a member of association