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S.M. 2007, c. 19

Bill 17, 1st Session, 39th Legislature

The Firefighters, Peace Officers and Workers Memorial Foundations Act

1 Definitions
2 Foundations established
3 Corporate status
4(1) Purposes of Firefighters Memorial Foundation
(2) Purposes of Peace Officers Memorial Foundation
(3) Purposes of Workers Memorial Foundation
5 Co-operation with government
6 Powers of foundations
7 Funds to be established
8(1) Management of foundations' affairs
(2) Membership of foundations
9(1) First board of Firefighters Memorial Foundation
(2) First board of Peace Officers Memorial Foundation
(3) First board of Workers Memorial Foundation
10(1) Term of office of first directors
(2) No remuneration or reimbursement
(3) Vacancies
(4) Quorum
(5) Calling meetings
11(1) Mandate of first board
(2) Election or appointment of subsequent board
12 By-laws
13 Liability of directors
14 Donations to foundation
15(1) Memorial foundations established by regulation
(2) Corporate status
(3) Contents of regulation
16 Coming into force


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