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The Wildlife Amendment Act

S.M. 1991-92, c. 17

Bill 38, 2nd Session, 35th Legislature

The Wildlife Amendment Act

(Assented to July 26, 1991)

HER MAJESTY, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, enacts as follows:

C.C.S.M. c. W130 amended

1           The Wildlife Act is amended by this Act.

Sections 2 to 5 repealed and substituted

2           Sections 2 to 5 are repealed and the following is substituted:

Designation of areas

2(1)        When the Lieutenant Governor in Council is satisfied that the wildlife resource of the province would be better managed, conserved or enhanced, it may, by regulation, designate areas of the province in accordance with this section.

Designation of Crown lands

2(2)        The Lieutenant Governor in Council may designate Crown lands as

(a)wildlife management areas;

(b)registered trapline districts;

(c)special trapping areas; or

(d)any other type of area that the Lieutenant Governor in Council may specify.

Designation of Crown lands and other lands

2(3)        The Lieutenant Governor in Council may designate Crown lands and lands other than Crown lands as

(a)animal control areas;

(b)game bird refuges;

(c)managed hunting areas; or

(d)wildlife refuges.

Regulations respecting designated areas

3(1)        Unless otherwise provided by this Act or the regulations, the designation of an area for the better management, conservation and enhancement of the wildlife resource of the province in accordance with section 2 does not limit or affect the uses and activities that may be undertaken in the area, and the minister may make such regulations as the minister considers appropriate

(a)respecting the use, control and management of an area;

(b)authorizing, regulating or prohibiting any use, activity or thing in an area;

(c)authorizing the construction, operation and maintenance of any building, structure or thing in a wildlife management area.

Application of regulations for designated areas

3(2)        A regulation under clause (1)(a) or (b) may be made applicable to any type of area or to any area or any part of an area designated in accordance with section 2.

Section 30.1 added

3           The following is added after section 30:

Trading in wild animals

30.1        Subject to this Act and the regulations, no person shall sell, buy, trade or barter a wild animal or the parts of a wild animal except under the authority of a licence or a permit.

Subsection 42(2) repealed

4           Subsection 42(2) is repealed.

Clauses 89(b) and (f) repealed

5           Clauses 89(b) and (f) are repealed.

Clause 90(ii.1) added

6(1)        The following is added after clause 90(ii):

(ii.1)for the purpose of section 30.1, respecting the licencing of or the issuing of permits to persons who sell, buy, trade or barter wild animals or the parts of wild animals;

Clause 90(mm) repealed

6(2)        Clause 90(mm) is repealed.

Clause 90(qq) renumbered and new clause added

6(3)        Clause 90(qq) is renumbered as clause (rr) and the following is added as clause (qq):

(qq)respecting the hunting, trapping, killing, taking or capturing of wildlife for gain, remuneration or reward or the hope or expectation of gain, remuneration or reward;

Schedule A, Division 1, amended

7(1)        Division 1 of Schedule A is amended by striking out "Polar Bear Ursus maritimus".

Schedule A, Division 6, amended

7(2)        Division 6 of Schedule A is amended by adding "Polar Bear Ursus maritimus" after "Plains Spadefoot Toad Scaphiopus bombifrons".

Coming into force

8           This Act comes into force on the day it receives royal assent.