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Court of Queen's Bench (Family Division) Adoption Forms

These are the forms prescribed by the Adoption Regulation, M.R. 19/99, a regulation made under The Adoption Act.

The title is a link to the prescribed form in PDF format. The MS Word button is a link to a user-friendly version in Microsoft Word format. See the Court's guidelines for the use of these forms.

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Form Title Legislative History
M.R. 72/2015
M.R. 60/2012
M.R. 182/2003; 69/2012
M.R. 182/2003; 69/2012
M.R. 182/2003; 69/2012; 72/2015
M.R. 182/2003; 69/2012; 72/2015
M.R. 182/2003; 107/2010
M.R. 72/2015
M.R. 182/2003; 69/2012
M.R. 228/2002
M.R. 228/2002
M.R. 78/2000

Guidelines for use of forms

The following guidelines apply to the use of these forms, whether you are using the user-friendly MS Word version or creating your own form based on the prescribed form.

When printing the form:

•   use good quality printer paper, 216 mm x 279 mm (8.5" x 11"),

•   print only on one side of the paper.


If you complete the form on a computer before printing it:

•   if using the MS Word version, do not change the format,

•   if that version is not available and you are creating your own form, make the format similar to the format of the prescribed form,

•   use double spacing between lines,

•   make sure the left hand margin is about 40 mm (1 ½ inches) wide.


If you complete the form in handwriting, make sure the handwriting is readable.


If the form requires a cover page, you must include it.


If the form is an affidavit:

•   the font must be size 14,

•   the pages must be numbered,

•   exhibits must be separated by numbered or lettered tabs,

•   the completed form, including exhibits, must be stapled or bound so that pages and exhibits do not become loose or separated.


If your form includes a dollar amount, use a decimal point to show dollars and cents (e.g. $250.00).


If you need legal advice, call a lawyer or Legal Aid.