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Court of Queen's Bench Forms

Form 76A — Small Claim

Form 76A is one of the forms prescribed by the Court as part of the Court of Queen's Bench Rules. Two versions of the form are available.

User-friendly version — in PDF format (fillable).
The user-friendly version is based on the prescribed version and is provided by the Court as a public service. You can fill in the form on a computer and print the completed form, or you can print the form and complete it in handwriting.

When printing the form, use good quality letter-size printer paper, 216 mm x 279 mm (8.5" x 11").


If you print the form and complete it in handwriting, make sure the handwriting is readable.


If your form includes a dollar amount, use a decimal point to show dollars and cents (e.g. $250.00).


Prescribed version — in MicroSoft Word format or PDF format.
In many cases, the prescribed version cannot be simply printed for use in court proceedings. It is usually designed as a template with instructions for creating and completing the form as required. For example, a Statement of Claim must be in Form 14A, which requires you to include the general heading in Form 4A and the covering page in Form 4C.

If you create a form based on the prescribed version, the formatting should match the formatting of the user-friendly version and you should follow the instructions provided above for the user-friendly version.

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